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How To Eat A Chicken Wing The Right Way

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At Wingmaster, we understand that eating chicken wings is serious business. For us, chicken wings aren’t just a food, they’re a way of life!

While you may think you know how to eat chicken wings, when it comes to Wingmaster’s wings, there are a couple of rules to follow:

1. Two Hands Are Better Than One

At other chicken wing restaurants or pizzerias, you may be able to get away with using just one hand to eat their wings. Wingmaster’s chicken wings are jumbo wings, and that means they require two hands. Don’t worry about trying to keep one hand clean — one of the best parts about our wings is that you can feel free to get messy!

2. Skip The Knife & Fork

Speaking of getting messy, don’t even try to eat our wings with a knife and fork! Not only will the bones in the chicken wings get in the way, but you won’t be able to get every last bite of meat. Using your hands and teeth is the only way to eat a chicken wing to really get every last bite and make sure you’re not wasting any tasty goodness — and with our jumbo wings in such delicious flavours, you’ll want to make sure there’s nothing left at the end of your meal except the bones.

3. Be Adventurous

We’re all familiar with Buffalo wings, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good Buffalo wing sauce. But at Wingmaster, we believe in trying new things and being adventurous, especially when it comes to chicken wings. We have a wide range of unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else — from Gummy Bear to Raspberry Jerk, Hail Caesar and Blackenstein (our ghost pepper flavour). So next time you order from us, make sure to order a variety — you might just find your new favourite flavour!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to take on our chicken wings, visit us in-store or order online to try our tips — and our wings — for yourself!

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