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The Importance of Community & Shopping Local

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At Wingmaster, we know that our community has been an essential part of our success. As a chicken wing restaurant, our local community makes up a large portion of our fanbase, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them.

That’s why we’re excited about a new local app, BrantNOW. BrantNOW was developed by a local business owner in Brantford to help local businesses get found in their communities, and Wingmaster is proud to be included.

BrantNOW is an amazing community platform that connects people with goods and services across a variety of industries and categories. Download the app for exclusive Wingmaster offers under "Deals"!

Why Should I Shop Local?

In Brantford and other similar communities, chain stores and restaurants abound, but why should you shop at locally-owned businesses instead?

  1. You’re giving money to local businesses, which in turn purchase their goods from other local businesses, directly contributing to your community’s economy.
  2. Unique businesses, like Wingmaster, contribute to the character and individuality of your community.
  3. Shopping locally reduces your environmental impact because local businesses also tend to shop locally for their own goods and services.
  4. Local businesses provide jobs in your community.
  5. Customer service at locally-owned business is top notch, because the owners are directly involved and care about your experience.
  6. The percentage of local tax that stays in your community is larger through a small local business because they contribute substantially to your community’s schools, infrastructure and more.
  7. You’re supporting your neighbours, who in turn give back locally and add to the strength of the community.

You can do all this and more with the BrantNOW app, available on Google Play and on the App Store — and by buying your next meal from Wingmaster! A big thank you to our community for their constant support. Wingmaster is proud to call Brantford home.

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